You don’t take a cookie cutter approach to your business so neither do we. With that in mind, we’ve crafted a range of courses for many types of business. Just choose the one that’s the best fit for you.
How our courses work
Recommended Equipment
Editing apps you’ll need
Phone Compatibility

Small Businesses

The course for any kind of small business. Select this if there’s no bespoke course for your industry yet.


Beauty Businesses

This is the course for beauty businesses like hair and beauty salons, barber shops and spas.


Retail Businesses

A course for those running retail stores like furniture, fashion and decor.



This course is for restaurants, pubs, caterers and other types of hospitality business.


B2B Businesses


Automotive Dealers


Human Resources


Health and Fitness




Real Estate






Professional Services


Non Profit Organisations


How our courses work

What makes our courses unique?

SmartPhoneFilmSchool offers short but intensive courses that teach you to produce your own video content using your smartphone. Our unique method teaches you to make video many times faster than traditional film school methods. Instead of burdening you with a bunch of complex concepts and then telling you to apply them, each course is crafted to the specific needs of your industry. We’ve also built support into our subscription packages as a fundamental part of our offering. This will save you from getting stuck on small details that could hold you up or derail your video productions. We’ll review your videos and support you to continue honing your video making skills. And, we’ve packed numerous real world hacks into our courses. These will massively speed up your video workflow so that you’ll be producing videos within hours or days instead of weeks or months.

We’ll get you making videos in as little as one day. Just choose the course that’s best for you and your industry.

What should you expect from this course?

Our courses are a careful blend of theory and practise. The theory is pared down to the bare essentials and developed around a training video made specifically for your industry. This is combined with three practical assignments that you’ll complete:
• Constructing a video story

  • Filming visuals that illustrate that story
  • Putting it all together in the edit

By following this process you will internalise the essential skills of videomaking by doing, not thinking.
All subscription packages include review and feedback on your first training video. Our ADVANCED and ULTIMATE packages offer ongoing video reviews, to help you constantly improve your skills. Check our subscription options and choose what level of support you need.

What subscription options do we offer?

Learning to create video is a major new skill to master. Luckily we’ve got you covered with our unique training method. The courses are designed to to get you going as quickly as possible. And, with feedback and support built into our offering we’re here to help you get unstuck anytime you face a challenge or problem.

The Basic package includes:

  • Course access for 12 months
  • One support query per month

The Advanced package includes:

  • Course access for 12 months
  • Full review of your training video
  • Three support queries per month
  • One video review per month
  • Free access to advanced content and knowledgebase

The Ultimate package includes:

  • Course access for 12 months
  • Full review of your training video
  • Five support queries per month
  • One skype support call per month
  • Two video reviews per month
  • Free access to advanced content and knowledgebase
  • Free access to our production music library
  • Free starter video strategy for your business

Editing Apps

These are the edit apps you should download before embarking on a course:

What Phones?


Any phone with an HD video camera is suitable for filming.


Iphones 5 and later models all work with iMovie

Kinemaster works with most high-end Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 or later. Android compatability depends on your phone’s chipset. To check please visit this page:

Kinemaster works best with Android 4.2 or later.